Kabuli Chana (Chili Tomato)

Rs. 200.00


  • Protein Rich food

  • Contains Dietary Fibre

  • Iron rich Snacks

  • Zero Cholesterol


Why to have Junk Snacks?

When You can have it Protein, Iron and Dietary fibre all are packed in one packet of kabuli chana snacks..

Kabuli chana or Garbenzo bean are naturally rich in protein and iron so its good to have it in the daily routine..

but its difficult to prepare it everyday so we have made it easy for you by making the snacks from kabuli chana..

Rivera's Kabuli Chana is Super Crispy and softy and also its seasoned with chili tomato seasoning to give it a tangy tomaty flavor..

Its so crispy and soft that even if a person without teeth can enjoyed this snack.. 


Nutritional Strength:

The fibrous content in chickpeas is beneficial, especially for the people who have diabetes and reduces chances of type 2 diabetes.

The presence of potassium, B vitamins, iron, magnesium and selenium supports heart health.

Chickpeas contain Vitamin C that helps the body in absorbing iron and prevents you from anemia.

One packet of Rivera’s Kabuli Chana contains a decent amount of choline that would help with the nervous system.

Other Flavor : Black Pepper,   Garlic Flavor

Enjoy Kabuli chana as a healthy snacks

Protein Snacks

Kabuli Chana / Garbenzo Bean

Healthy Way To Munch Protein as a Snack

Super Crispy & Super Soft

Chana Chaat image

Chana Chaat

Add Some Minced onion, Lemon and Tomato and your Protein food is ready..

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Chole Chaat

With goodness of curd/dahi and some Fresh Coriender with chopped onion and tomato you can have your Protein food as well as probiotics..

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