Our Snacks are

Gluten Free Snacks Image

Gluten Free Snacks

We have took the Pain to make your Snacks Gluten Free so that you can safely enjoy snacking without worrying about worsening your ailments

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Made from Vegetables

Perfectaly Vegan and made from the plant source like vegeables to give you truely healthy snacks which is low on heart and high on nutrition

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Zero Cholesterol

Worried about cholesterol ? Rest assured we are making Cholesterol free Snacks that Give you the Peace of mind while snacking and keeps Your Heart Healthy.

Healthy Snacking Anytime Anywhere

Worried about unwanted fat and cholesterol or sugar in your snacks?

Offering you a full range of healthy vegetable snacks made from 100% real vegetable without using chemicals or preservative.

You can enjoy it at your ease and convenience, in party with freinds or playing games or as evening snacks

Helping People to Change their snacking Habbits towards healthier food

Government Supported Startup

Interaction with Mrs Nirmala Sitaraman, Mr Bipin Rawat and Mr. Manoj Ukani On Army day

Interaction with Mrs. Nirmala Sitharaman (then Defence Minister), & with Mr. Bipin Rawat (Army Chief) at the his residence in New Delhi on Army Day 15th Jan-2019

Image of Awards recieved by Manoj Ukani (Founder of Rivera foods) From Mr Anurag Thakur

Award & Recognition

By Mr.Anurag Thakur - 2019

(Minister of State-Finance Department)

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