Don’t focus on how much you eat. Focus on what you eat…because FOOD matters.

For the world we are living in, this quote is finding the ground of both relevancy and reality. For the health-conscious generation of today, who equally wishes to pamper their taste buds, finding a perfect balance between health, taste and happiness has been a big challenge. And this challenge, propelled us to explore a new ground where both can co-exist happily ever after! And thus the story of Rivera Foods began…

Rivera Foods’s journey

Rivera foods journey began with a team of energetic, committed and health-savvy entrepreneurs, ventured into the food industry with a vision to create a range of food products that are healthy, tasty and most importantly purest and natural in every sense. Fulfilling this vision, since 2017, Rivera Foods is presenting a tantalizing range of snacks that are made with 100% real vegetables and No color, chemical, additives or preservatives.

Made with choicest and the high-quality farm produce directly procured from the farms, the entire range is made with the best quality raw materials in the state of the art plant using advanced technology in absolutely hygienic and safe environment. The latest technology ensures that the entire range is less on fat and oil yet makes for an amazingly tasty munching option. For a carefully conceived brand, each option is created after extensive R&D under the guidance of expert nutritionists to ensure that this munching has all the ‘nutrition’ in it!

Started our journey in 2017, Rivera Foods is more than a dream, as we envision to make value addition to the country’s farm produce and empower the farmers to give sustainability and a great boost to the ‘vocal for local’ movement.

Interaction with Mrs Nirmala Sitaraman, Mr Bipin Rawat and Mr. Manoj Ukani On Army day

Interaction with Mrs. Nirmala Sitharaman (Then Defence Minister), & with Mr. Bipin Rawat (Army Chief).

At Mr. Bipin Rawat's Residence on Army Day (15th Jan 2019)

Image of Awards recieved by Manoj Ukani (Founder of Rivera foods) From Mr Anurag Thakur

Award & Recognition By Mr Anurag Thakur

(Minister of State-Finance Department)