Diabetic Snacks

Rs. 849.00

Pack of 6

Combo Consist Of Following Items:

Karela Chips - 1 Pkt

Purple Yam Chips - 1 Pkt

Crispy bhindi (Lemon Chili) - 1 Pkt

Crispy Garlic - 1 Pkt

Crispy bhindi (Masala) - 1 Pkt

Beetroot Chips - 1 Pkt


 Why These Snacks?

Because It is 

  • Gluten Free

  • Low fat Snacks

  • Diabetic Friendly

  • Zero Cholesterol

  • Made From Real Vegetables

Snacks with Low Glycemic Index

Healthy Snacks for Diabetics

Zero Cholesterol snacks

Zero Cholesterol

Zero trans fat snacks

Zero Transfat

Gluten free snacks

Gluten Free

High Fiber Diabetic Food

These Combo Consist of Okra Chips which is very High in Dietary Fiber

Best diabetic snacks
Chips that is Made from Beetroot For Diabetics

Chips that is Made from Beetroot For Diabetics

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Vasundhra Rana
Need to Work

I belive yu have chnged the mean of chips. Though rivera gt variety but doesnot have taste. People eat chips for its tatse. I liked only beetroot chips. Rest, bhindi, garlic , karela .they all are very odd in taste. 1 cant even consume it, just to finish it. Need taste improvement in other.

Dev Amrutiya
health is wealth

the rivera food gives me a very healthy combo of tasty and healthy snacks i loved aal of them...........

Hastika Vadaliya
Best combo

Healthy and suger free snacks made from real vegetable.

Piyush Koshiya
Best snacks

This snacks packs is very tasty and healthy. Best for diabetic persons.

Harshil Patel
Combo packs

Healthy and tasty combo packs with suger free snacks.