Crispy Gawarfali

Rs. 115.00



When was the last time you went crazy over gawarfali?

What if we tell you, we have for you a masala punched packet of gawarfali which is indeed a healthy snack you can have anytime of the day.

You heard it right! Tantalize your taste buds with the best of crispy clusterbean with your loved ones which would always make you awe-struck.


Gawarphali lovers are surely going to fall in love with this snack.

On the contrary, those who have avoided gavarphali as a green vegetable would now have a reason to eat this crispy snack which is surely going to be a hit amongst people from all age groups.


Gavarfali is one of the healthiest snacks, which you can pair up with your evening or morning tea or simply eat a handful of eat whenever you feel hungry.


Benefits of Gawarfali:

Gawarfali being rich in energy, proteins, carbohydrates and fibre is a power packed healthy nutritional snack which you should be savoring.

Having a low glycemic index, it is indeed beneficial if you wish to prevent the risk of diabetes.

Its low calorie count makes it an ideal snack for weight loss and with reasonable amounts of calcium and phosphorus, it is indeed beneficial for your bones.

The presence of fibre is one of the main reasons why it is good for heart.