Crispy Bhindi (Masala Flavour)

Rs. 130.00


  • 100% Natural

  • Made From Real Vegetable

  • Diabetic Friendly

  • Zero Trans Fat

  • Zero Cholesterol


Crispy Masala Bhindi or Okra Chips or vegetable chips is a combo of Healthy & tasty.

These vegetable chips as a perfect option for  those who loves bhindi at any point of time in the day.

These crispy bhindi come with an added masala punch that would right away hit your taste buds with extra-ordinary goodness of flavors that would only leave you wanting for more.

Even though it has a masala punch to it, it is healthy in every way possible.

If you love your snacks wholesome flavor of masala with a crunch, this is indeed the right choice for you.

However, we also make sure the perfect proportion of masala to Our crispy Bhindi so that people across all age groups can easily savor it.


Rivera’s Crispy Bhindi is an all time snack & can be a part of your everyday life whenever you wish to savor it.

Variants : Jain, Lemon Chili

Bhindi can be Crispy

Dont Believe?
Just Try and you will also say "Bhindi can be Crispy"

Crispy Bhindi is a perfect masala snacks for dietary fiber

Crispy Bhindi Chips comes with lots of Nutirtion and low glycemic index.

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Ravi Patel
Delicious Food

this was awesome i have seen ever

Ravi Patel
delicious food

i liked it so much the taste of bhindi was unfogetable.......

Sneha Sanghani
Favourite snacks

I liked bhindi snacks. It is very tasty and delicious, the tast of bhindi chips is very yummy and chips is very crunchy.

Rashmita Pipaliya
Healthy snacks

Tasty and delicous bhindi snacks. I liked its crunchyness.

Ruvit Thummer
Spicy and tasty

Bhindi chips is my favourite snacks. I liked this chips very much. It is really very tasty and crispy.