What is Diabets?

A Simple answer is high amount of Glucose in the blood.


Why Diabetes happens ?

Simply because of the body’s mechanism of producing Insulin don’t work properly.

Insulin, which allows body cell to use this glucose as their energy source, is less generated and due to much of glucose remain unused which circulates in blood causing high glucose level in blood


What are the symptoms of Diabetes

There are some early indication that a person may have diabetes like:

Frequent urination

Because kidney try to excrete excess Glucose by filtering process.


Increased thirst

Because more water goes out of body via kidney to remove Glucose so more water intake is needed


Always Feeling Hungry

Due to Less availability of glucose for energy body always want more food to get sugar so that it can convert to glucose (which mainly remains in blood but not get used by body cell for energy).


Always Feeling Tired

Due to low availability of glucose to cell for energy, body can’t make enough energy to support routine function so feels tired after little work


Blurred vision

Excess Glucose in blood damages small blood vessel which causes blurred vision


Slow Wound Healing

High sugar in blood reduces blood flow to wounded part and due to that it take more time than normal for healing


Regular itching and Yeast infection

Due to High Sugar in blood which is food for yeast, It is very common to have yeast infection specially in moist and warm area of skin.

(It is advisable to consult your doctor after finding early symptoms).



Is Amla Good for Diabetes?

Yes, It is definitely a good addition to the diet of diabetic person Due to following reason:

  1. Its found out that oxidative stress in the body is the underlying cause of conditions like diabetes and related diseases. Amla has a powerful antioxidant like vitamin C which reverse the damaging effects of oxidation and help to deal with diabetes.
  2. It is full with minerals like chromium which is known to enhance responsiveness of insulin and helps to better manage the diabetic condition.

Is Anjeer Good for Diabetes?

Yes, It is good in Diabetes.

Anjeer is rich in Potassium which is known to be Blood sugar level regulator.

Apart from that anjeer has antioxidant which reduce the oxidative stress in the body by neutralising free radical and help in maintaning the diabetes condition.

Is Orange Good for Diabetes?

Yes It is good addition to diabetes diet.

The American Diabetes Association has listed citrus fruits among Diabetes superfoods.

According to the association, citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits and lemons are full of fibre, vitamin C, folate and potassium, which would help benefit a healthy diabetic eating plan.

Is Corn Good for Diabetes?

Yes, But Be Careful.

Corn has sugar but the glycemic index is low(52).

Glycemic Index is a value use for describing how much blood sugar level increased by particular food.

Based on Glycemic Index(GI) foods are classified as Low GI good(GI score less than 55, Medium GI food, High GI food).

So as per American Diabetic Association Diabetic person should prefer Low Glycemic Index food and corn has low glycemic index.

Is Beetroot Good for Diabetes?

Yes, It is good.

In fact, the mineral and vitamins which is available in Beetroot is quite helpful to diabetes patient by reducing nerve damage which is quite common in diabetic patients.

Is Pomegranate Good for Diabetes?

Yes, It is good.

It has very high level of anti-oxidants (3 times than green tea or red wine: source).

These antioxidants help in scavenging the free radicals (which is know to aggravate the diabetes condition) and there by prevent that damage by free radicals .

Plus pomegranate is low in carbohydrate so that also supports the good management of diabetic condition.

It is also a low glycemic indexed food. GI for pomegranate is estimated around 18.

Is Honey Good for Diabetes?


But it is a better option than processed sugar for sweetness.

As we know, Honey is a sugar although it is collected from natural sources but after all it is a sugar.

And as a Diabetic patients needs to closely look at the sugar intake, He/she should closely monitor how much honey they are consuming.

So in conclusion is honey good for diabetes person. the answer is no.

But if A person wants to take sugar anyhow, then honey is better option.

May 29, 2021 — Rivera Foods Admin

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