Introduction : Crispy Bhindi (OKRA CHIPS)

Bhindi (Rich In Dietary Fiber) as an all day snack might come across as a strange and new thing for many people but if you are someone who loves Bhindi, you would very much rejoice to the fact that you can now gorge onto endless crispy bhindi all day long.

With Rivera’s Crispy Bhindi that comes with a Masala punch, you can now order for a packet of this deliciousness and savour it whenever you feel like.

Being a perfect fit for all the Jains, the Bhindi are naturally sourced and are 100 % natural which ensures that whatever you are consuming is healthy and drool-worthy at the same time.

With no added preservatives, you can be rest assured that, while maintaining a normal shelf life is an important concern for us.

we also take a key note of the fact that the crispy bhindi that you are munching on have a nutritional quotient towards it and do not cause any sort of side effects to your routine healthy system.

We have prepared these snacks in a way wherein we make sure that there is zero cholesterol which also takes care of the fact that you don’t have to worry much about your cholesterol levels and you can happily and healthily munch on to these flavours of goodness whenever you want to.

With the changing lifestyle in recent times, most of the people have been opting for gluten free foods and keeping that in mind, even we have made sure that the packet of crispy bhindi masala that reaches out to you is gluten free.

Another important check note that we have kept in mind has been preparing these snacks with zero added sugar, so once you take a bite of our Crispy Bhindi you can always rely on us with your health and cravings.

Since Bhindi have a lot of nutritional value punched into it, it can always come across as a perfect appetizer you would love to have on your table.

Even more, if you have a habit of munching onto something while you are sitting with your evening or morning tea, what better than having a plate full of crispy bhindi to make your hi tea nothing more amazing.

While Bhindi is a favourite green vegetable for many, there are also quite a number of people who are not very much fond of consuming Bhindi on a regular basis or perhaps have a dislike towards it.

By adding a masala punch to it and with various permutations and combinations, we have tried to make it as savory as possible for the people who are not very much fond of Bhindi. This has nonetheless been our humble attempt in ensuring that our consumers get the best of healthy snacks whenever hunger pangs strike them.

By constantly trying to bring a change through our products in the fried food industry, we have been taking a closer look at the eating habits and trends of not only customers but the general population as a whole so that you never have to think twice before choosing a healthy snack for you or your family. So, the next time you are in a mood to eat a healthy snack, we have you covered!

Benefits of food that are Rich in Dietary Fiber :

Weight Loss :

Okra is a good source of Dietary fiber, which will not only improve your digestion, but will also keep you satiated for a long time, thus minimizing your food cravings. That help in reducing food Intake. Apart from that it also loaded with essential nutrients that boosts your body’s metabolism and strengthens your core muscles.

Type -2 diabetes

As okra is rich in Dietary fiber, it helps in improving insulin sensitivity. insulin is necessary because Insulin give signals to muscle and fat cells for absorption of glucose from blood and use it for energy. If body has sufficient energy then insulin gives signals to liver for converting excess glucose from blood to store it as glycogen. By this way insulin helps in controlling and maintaining blood sugar levels in the body.

Lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease

Due to High In Fiber it helps to reduce Low density lipoProtein (LDL) – Bad cholesterol and there by reduce the risk of cardio vascular disease. Rich in Dietary Fiber lady’s finger also helps in reducing absorption of bile juice in itestine and there by increasing the excretion of bile salt which helps in prevention of cardiac disease

As Dietary Fibers with high fermetability result in the production of SCFAs (Short chain fatty acids): acetate, butyrate, and proprionate. These SCFAs are the primary source of fuel for colonocytes in humans. Interestingly, priopionate in particular, is associated with inhibition of hepatic cholesterol synthesis. which aids in reduction of cholesterol.

Beneficial In colorectal cancer

Colorectal cancer is the third leading cause of cancer deaths in the world.

Many studies have linked a high intake of fiber-rich foods with a reduced risk of colon cancer.

However, whole, high-fiber foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains contain various other healthy nutrients and antioxidants that may affect cancer risk.

Therefore, it’s difficult to isolate the effects of fiber from other factors in healthy, whole-food diets. To date, no strong evidence proves that fiber has cancer-preventive effects.

Yet, since fiber may help keep the colon wall healthy, many scientists believe that fiber plays an important role.

Now Let's Check What is the Dietary Fibre :

Fiber is a blanket term that applies to any type of carbohydrate that your body can’t digest. The fact your body doesn’t use fiber for fuel doesn’t make it less valuable to your overall health.

Fibre splits into 2 broad categories:

  • Soluble Fiber : Good for Stomach
  • Insoluble Fiber : Insoluble in water

Some Tips to take high Fibre Diet :

  • Take whole food as much as possible
  • Take Vegetable which are rich in Dietary
  • Try to take as much as fruit as possible
  • Prefer whole grains over refine grains
  • you can also try fibre suppliments if your don't want to ke fibre rich diet
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