Crispy Sweet Corn (Jain)

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  • Made from 100% Real American Corn


Sweet Corn, Rice Bran Oil, Salt, Red Chilli


Crispy Sweet Corn is nothing less than a national snack being everyone’s favourite.

however the ones we serve are with an added twist which is surely going to boost your health and taste moods, helping you find the right balance between your taste and health.

This variety is purely Jain, is gluten free and has no added sugar, makes it a perfectly family snack.


Crispy Corn being one such delicacy that is loved by everyone, you can make it according to your comfort.

If you like it plain and simple, can eat it the way it comes in it’s packed form.

Moreover, you can also make it even more special by preparing a crispy corn bhel by adding onions and tomatoes so that it caters to every taste bud.


Ideally, monsoon is the best time when you cannot refrain from having Crispy Corn but with Rivera’s Crispy Corn you can have it whenever you want to across all seasons.

If you are looking forward to a wholesome evening snack, you can make a Crispy Corn chaat to make the most of this snack.


Sweet Corn Benefits :

Sweet Corn being a whole grain, corn lowers the risk of heart disease and stroke.

the presence of carbohydrate content in the form of grain plays a key role in lowering the risk of obesity.

Being full of key nutrients such as Vitamin B and potassium, it helps your body maintain a healthy blood pressure.

It is said that corn supplies more than 10 times more Vitamin than any other grains.

The protective antioxidants in corn help in protection against neuro diseases.

Variant : Crispy Corn (Masala Flavour)

Prepared without using Onion and Garlic

Crispy sweet corn with salt and chili pepper

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Zero Cholesterol snacks

crispy sweet corn photo

Iron rich snacks

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Fiber rich snacks

Combination of Sweetness of corn with spiciness of chili

crispy sweet corn

Healthy zero trans fat snacks with richness of vitamin C

Customer Reviews

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Kasis maurya
I am so happy .......material is excellent and good product

I am so happy ........material is excellent and good product

Nilesh Shah
Healthy Snack

Crispy Sweet Corn is a very good for snacking purpose very tasty will order again

BEST..with any second thoughts just purchase it

best ...with any second thoughts just purchase it

Mnali manohar
speechless product ...very delicious and fabulous

speechless product ....very delicious and fabulous

Rinki kannojiya
i'm very happy to get this corn ...this is awesome ..must buy it

i'm very happy to get this corn ...this is awesome ...must buy it