Kabuli Chana (Pepper)


Say hello to a healthy lifestyle when you indulge yourself in the crunchiness of Kabuli Chana with a brilliant flavour of Black Pepper to make your all time snack experience a healthy affair.

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Another variant in our range of crispy kabuli chana is the one with decent flavour of Black Pepper in it which would make you ga-ga first with its smell and later with its taste. These black pepper flavoured kabuli chana are best enjoyed at any time of the day as they come along with a health quotient which would make you fall in love with it anymore. With no added preservatives, zero cholesterol and zero sugar, it’s time you make Black Pepper Kabuli Chana an important part of your everyday munching activity.


Rivera’s Black Pepper flavoured Kabuli Chana is an instant favourite for the ones who love pepper and masala over dry snacks and is indeed an instant favourite across all age groups. For all the health conscious people, this is one such snack which you would not mind consuming on a regular basis.


You can always have Rivera’s Black Pepper flavoured Kabuli Chana in between your meals or right at the beginning of your meal if you are looking for a perfect kind of appetiser. You can make this as a salad meal post your workout gigs.


Nutritional Strength: The fibrous content in chickpeas is beneficial, especially for the people who have diabetes and reduces chances of type 2 diabetes. The presence of potassium, B vitamins, iron, magnesium and selenium supports heart health. Chickpeas contain Vitamin C that helps the body in absorbing iron and prevents you from anemia. One packet of Rivera’s Kabuli Chana contains a decent amount of choline that would help with the nervous system. The presence of Black Pepper in the Kabuli Chana contains generous quantity of Vitamin A, C and K which would help you in digestion.

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