Sweet Potato Chips (Masala)


Relish the goodness of a masala punched Sweet Potato Chips that would change your definition of Chips

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If you have a habit of licking your fingers clean after having a packet of masala sweet potato chips, the ones from Rivera would do justice to your taste buds in ways more than one. Open the packet only to make way for an indulgence like never before in its most healthy form and you would only come back for more. It’s time to call all your health freak friends over some piping hot chai and masala sweet potato chips


The masala flavored Sweet Potato Chips from Rivera is for all the ones who love their Potato Chips with a bit of masala and spiciness. People across all age groups can be fond of our masala chips which have a healthy touch in every bite.


Nutritional Strength:  Sweet Potatoes being an excellent source of Vitamin C and potassium help your body by providing the right kind of nutrients that your body needs. Since our Sweet Potato Chips have zero cholesterol and no added flavours, you can bank on us for this nutrition-packed snack. Sweet Potatoes contain high fiber and unique protein that is indeed helpful for your body.

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