Sweet Potato Chips (Black Pepper)


Sweet Potato Chips that are punched with the goodness of Pepper

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These sweet potato chips with a hint of pepper is all you need to make your potato chips eating experience nothing less than a lip-smacking surprise. With a combination of goodness and health in each of its chips, these sweet potato chips would make for an amazing snack whenever you feel like munching something.


If you love your potato chips to be rightfully flavoured with a tinge of pepper then Rivera’s Pepper Flavoured Sweet Potato Chips would be your go to snack. People across all age groups can indulge in this snack.


Right from taking packets of it to picnics or savouring it while you are enjoying a movie, Rivera’s Sweet Potato Chips is nothing less than a perfect companion.


Nutritional Strength : Sweet Potatoes being an excellent source of Vitamin C and potassium help your body by providing the right kind of nutrients that your body needs. Since our Sweet Potato Chips have zero cholesterol and no added flavours, you can bank on us for this nutrition-packed snack. Sweet Potatoes contain high fibre and unique protein that is indeed helpful for your body.


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