Crispy Corn (Masala)


When the crispness of corns meets a punch of masala, you can expect a never tasted before magic!

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Crispy Corn Masala comes as a savior for the ones who like to keep their taste buds and their snacks a bit masaledaar. This variant of crispy corn is non-jain and would be an absolute delight for the ones who love to tinge their taste buds every now and then with multiple masalas to it. Considered to be an absolute delicious savory, introduce this into your daily lifestyle.


Crispy Corn Masala is indeed the best kind of masala punched healthy snack that you would never like to miss out on. Perfect for all age groups and those who love a bit of masala in their snack. Right from children to old age people, Rivera’s healthy Crispy Corn Masala is indeed the right choice for everyone who is looking to introduce a healthy range of snacks in their lifestyle.


Nutritional Strength : Being a whole grain, corn lowers the risk of heart disease and stroke; the presence of carb content in the form of grain plays a key role in lowering the risk of obesity. Being full of key nutrients such as Vitamin B and potassium, it helps your body maintain a healthy blood pressure. It is said that corn supplies more than 10 times more Vitamin than any other grains. The protective antioxidants in corn help in protection against neuro diseases.

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