Crispy Bhindi (Masala Flavour)


Give your taste buds a masaledaar treat with Rivera’s Crispy Bhindi that would make you fall in love with it.

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Crispy Masala Bhindi serves as a perfect masala punch for someone who loves bhindi at any point of time in the day. These crispy bhindi come with an added masala punch that would right away hit your taste buds with extra-ordinary goodness of flavours that would only leave you wanting for more. Even though it has a masala punch to it, it is healthy in every way possible.


If you love your snacks to be a wholesome flavour of masala with a crunch, this is indeed the right choice for you. However, we also make sure that the masala punch that we add to our Crispy Bhindi is in the right proportion so that people across all age groups can easily savour it.


Rivera’s Crispy Bhindi Masala is an all time snack which can be a part of your everyday life whenever you wish to savour it at your own ease and comfort.


Nutritional Strength: The presence of Vitamin Folate in Ladies Finger/Okra (Bhindi) plays a key role in the production of RBC and the fair amounts of vitamin C is indeed helpful for boosting your immunity. The presence of good amount of dietary fibre plays a key role in weight loss and diabetes. Being low in calorie and carbs, Ladies Finger is indeed the perfect green snack you would like to munch.

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