Crispy Bhindi (Jain)


Say Hello to a New Avatar of Bhindi with Rivera’s Crispy Bhindi which would make it your all time favourite green vegetable.

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No matter who you are, whether you love bhindi or not, you are surely going to fall in love with Crispy Bhindi from Rivera. This also works magic for all the ones who prefer Jain food over anything else. Rest assured, these crispy bhindi come along with a healthy tag mentioned on it and is a good reason to make someone fall in love with bhindi who usually likes to stay away from Bhindi.


If you are fond of green vegetables and have been getting bored recently because of the usual taste of the green vegetables, then you would surely love the crispy version of the Bhindi in its most natural flavour. Even if you are someone who is not very much fond of Bhindi, you are bound to fall in love with Crispy Bhindi and make it a part of your regular snack because of the taste, crunchiness and the healthiness that is maintained in this unique snack!


Nutritional Strength: The presence of Vitamin Folate in Ladies Finger (Bhindi) plays a key role in the production of RBC and the fair amounts of vitamin C is indeed helpful for boosting your immunity. The presence of good amount of dietary fibre plays a key role in weight loss and diabetes. Being low in calorie and carbs, Ladies Finger is indeed the perfect green snack you would like to munch.

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