Crispy Beetroot Chips


Rivera’s Beetroot Chips gives you another reason to love Beetroot, this time in a tastier and unique way!

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With Rivera’s Crispy Beetroot Chips, you now have a reason to make the most of Beetroot which in itself is a power-packed food. These crispy beetroot chips have a healthy crunch to it and should be considered as a healthy option to munch on whenever you feel like. The goodness of beetroot and the healthy quotient that comes along with it makes it one of the best snacks you would ever want to have to keep your health and taste in check.


Beetroot form an important part of anyone’s healthy diet and that is the reason why one should introduce it into their daily lives in whatever way they can. Right from small kids to age old people, everyone across all age groups can easily savour the crispy beetroot chips which are made with perfection so that you need not have to worry about the taste as well as your health.


You can always have beetroot chips in between your meals or probably make it an important part of tea time as a perfect savoury which everyone would love to enjoy.


Nutritional Strength: Beetroots are packed with essential nutrients and are indeed a great source of fibre, manganese, potassium, iron and Vitamin C which plays a key role in ensuring an improved blood flow and lower blood pressure level. Due to the high content of inorganic nitrates, they are helpful in providing your body with necessary nutrients.  

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