Kabuli Chana – Crunchiness in every bite

We all have major snacking and munching addiction. And mostly we end up with having unhealthy snacks. Presenting you Kabuli Chana. Crispy kabuli chana with a tad of Garlic flavor for evening snack or snack time is tasty and yummy. Sometimes a person becomes so hungry But when you are short of time, this Crispy Kabuli Chana comes to the rescue. Chickpeas (Also Called Garbenzobeans) are considered to be a health & Rich in Protein food For a foodie, any season is the best to have something chatpata, spicy and mouth watering food in order to calm the craving for food! Satisfy the craving for chatpata snack with delicious Kabuli Chana! Kabuli Chana is a great source of protein, carbohydrates as well as fibers For any age group this is a sure shot hit with the goodness of chickpeas! This fits perfectly for quick breakfast as well as snack options and fill our tummy for hours.

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