Crispy Sweet Corn – Munching for every age group

It’s the monsoon season and one of the best snacks during this season without a doubt is CORN! People love eating corn in all forms, be it corn bhel, corn chaat or flavored corn in a cup or just plain steamed corn kernels. Presenting you Crispy Sweet Corn which is a delicious snack ever! When you bring home delicious Sweet Corn, you’re also bringing home a healthy. Crispy corn is a delicious dish that can be served as a starter or an evening snack. Corn is a healthy snack as compared to fried fries, samosas or anything else unhealthy which one opts for during rains. Crispy Sweet Corn is packed with lots of nutrients is a perfect snack and boosts overall health. Corn is rich in fiber and low in carbohydrates If you are too lazy or in hurry, grab a packet of Crispy Sweet Corn and there you go! So go ahead and enjoy this guilt-free snack!

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